The Snowdrop Animal and Nature Conservation Association is funded by donations and volunteer work

They rely totally on the generosity and support of the public. Due to that reason they are usually overwhelmed with the amount of requests coming in.

The help of volunteers is paramount for this organization to help the huge number of animals in need.

What you can help us with depends mainly on how often and how long you can stay when you are available.

Volunteer work for those with experience and more availability:

  • Transporting of animals
  • Cleaning of kennels
  • Cleaning of animals
  • Animal grooming
  • Teaching of animals and animal rehabilitation
  • Administration, communication related tasks
  • Taking care of sick animals
  • Veterinary care (from veterinarians and animal technicians)

Volunteer work for those with less experience and less availability:

  • Walking of dogs
  • Spending some time with the animals

Some good advice for beginner volunteers:

  • Bring clothes that you don’t mind will get dirty
  • Make sure your clothing is comfortable
  • Ask questions so that you can learn as much as possible

If you are interested in volunteering and you are under 18 years old, only with the permission of your parent/guardian can you do that. If you are coming to us in person, your parent/guardian will have to be present with you at all times.

Note that due to the limited funds available, volunteering is non-paid.

Fill out this form to tell us what you could help us with:

We ask everyone who writes to us to enter their email address correctly, otherwise we will not be able to respond and take actions!