Happy Story

Happy Stories


We received pictures about Nutella (Her name was Zoe). She is with a super nice family, happy and being loved each and every day. Let the pictures tell you her story.


Snowball is extremely happy with his new owners, as you will see this comes across from the pictures as well. He started his trial period on October 7th, 2020 and everything worked out perfectly.


We went to get Reno on July 14th, 2020 since some friends brought him to our attention as being an animal in desperate need to be rescued. Reno has been living in Fejer province, in Hungary in a 3 m2 area, with a chain, was very thin, and his ears were in a very bad condition. Being in our care he was available for adoption since August 11th as his ears completely healed and only his fur needed to grow back. We were extremely happy that we did not have to wait very long to find an amazing family for him. Reno’s smile shows how happy he is knowing that an extraordinary life is waiting for him now with his new family.