Any help counts, small or big

How does donation work?

There are several ways to support our work, these are :

  1. Offering 1% of your Personal Income Tax once a year: Hóvirág Brigád Állat- és Természetvédő Egyesület, Tax number: 18521078-1-43
  2. By bank transfer, please indicate which of our animal(s) you would like to support in the comment, or mention it if you entrust this to us. You can do this at any time, we always welcome your support as we are usually over our budget based on the incredible number of animal rescue requests.
  3. Via Paypal:
  4. Our GoFundMe page: GoFundMe
  5. You can arrange the transfer of your donations (toys, blankets, etc.) at the following contacts: + 3620 / 916-5658
    Click here for a detailed list of items that we need often.
  6. Become a Godparent: If you can’t adopt, but your heart has been touched by the story and fate of an animal we saved, and you want to support it, you have the opportunity to do so for a month or even more. The amount of this (which is the monthly food intake) is shown separately for each of our animals.
  7. Bank account
    • From within the country: 12010350-01619284-00100008
    • For international reference: HU75-12010350-01619284-00100008
    • Bank: Raiffeisen Bank ZRt.

We ask everyone who writes to us to enter their contact information correctly, otherwise we will not be able to respond and take actions!

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving”

Mother Teresa