Snowball is looking for a forever home!

The owner of Snowball asked for help to find a new and safe home for her because they became homeless.

We picked up Snowball that night, assuring its owner that she would be in a good place, safe and loved. Snowball could rest in a soft bed that night.

The next day we took Snowball to the vet. Despite what we were told that Snowball has a microchip and she has been vaccinated and she is 10 years old, it turned out that the microchip is there, but the date of implantation is 2017, she is around 6 years old, and has never been vaccinated. She also has flea eczema, flea allergy and has a cyst a size of a hazelnut close to her mouth. She first received a combination vaccination, a vaccination book, was dewormed, then received a rabies vaccination and was neutered two weeks later. She is a nice, affectionate dog who has withstood the changes affecting her life relatively well. She is very people oriented, she bonds quickly, if she feels the care and love towards her and she really wants to be your best friend. We definitely want an Owner who could be a companion to her, who can spend a lot of time with her, who won’t leave her alone for a long time, who can take her to work with him/her, or who has a job at home or a fresh retiree so that she can participate in most of the life events of her future Master.

She does not like cats, she feels comfortable with dogs of almost the same weight group, she is afraid of the bigger dogs. Her relationship with children is not known yet. She travels in a car without any problem, she walks nicely on a leash. According to her previous owner, she escapes or digs in the garden until she forms a bond with you.

Just a note, that we also tried to help Snowball’s Owner as well.

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